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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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avon i only inherited a strange. a jordanian pilot has been savagely murdered and burned alive by isis. how does this out when i support among nations like france and japan and now jordan, who citizens want revenge for the murder, and is this a sign that they have grown more bold and confident? we will get into into all of that a little bit. but first, the vaccine debate has flared up. a discussion over whether you should get them and who could make you.
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so it also started in 1998 with the british report looking to british vaccinate against diseases. but this anti-bax backs nation movement has gathered a few famous faces over the years, so it is a pantheon some can't help but hang onto their well researched were. names like jim carrey and jenny mccarthy, and other names as well. like charlie sheen and kristen cavellari. >> did you vaccinate? >> you know, i read too many books about autism.
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>> going back when shots were only 10 and the mmr was on that list. i don't know what happened in 1990, there was no plague killing children that would triple the amount of vaccines. >> are all of them necessary? >> we do not need that many vaccines, but we need the chickenpox, the flu shot, it still contains mercury. kennedy: jenny has made a small fortune peddling her anti-vaccination agenda which would be fine if she didn't have rabid followers who by this is a really us are old playboys. vaccines work. progressive enclaves in california like topanga canyon in south orange county have alarmingly high rates of non-been vaccinated children.
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and it's no surprise that one of these individuals has visited disneyland and measles every emerged in four states. the question has become to the government compel you to immunize your children to halt the further spread of the measles virus or our parents the first stewards of their children's health? candidate hillary clinton did some pandering to an anti-autism group and she promised to step up the cost including possible environmental causes like vaccines. now she equates them with truth or is and tweeted yesterday that the science is clear that the earth is round in the sky is blue and hash tag vaccines work.
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and i hope she's not expecting any checks from marion county on her presidential bid. oddly enough, it's a few loud voices on the right who are making this a pretentious political issue. >> all i can say is that we vaccinate our kids. it's more important what you think is apparent that a public official. there has to be a balance and it depends upon a what the vaccine is, what the disease type is and all the rest. kennedy: rand paul said sticking kids could make them sick. >> i have heard of many cases of walking and talking normal children got sick after vaccines. i'm not arguing that they're a bad idea, i think they're good, but i think the parents should have some input. the state doesn't own your children, parents do.
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kennedy: of course you should vaccinate your kids because that is the right thing to do. and if you are a baby that can't get vaccinated, that's on the parents. judge andrew napolitano said it best last night. >> if you don't vaccinate a child and the child is ill and you know it and you send a child to school, you commit a crime and can be indicted for that. kennedy: two important things to know. let's deal with what is and not what it's. the government does not need to enforce and make every decision for you, even when you make a bad one. lastly, vaccines are outdated and we need a new solution. the fda needs to get out of the way and let companies aggressively research nano vaccines that are nanoparticles that can be made on the spot for a variety of illnesses. that is the future.
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until then, be smart, you are the best arbiter of your child's future and that doesn't mean you have the right extinguish someone else's. we have senator jon barrasso tonight who is giving us his take on the budget. and then more on that jordanian pilot. i'm kennedy. ♪ ♪ kennedy: let's get right into it, let's get reaction to the monologue. we have senator jon barrasso of wyoming. he is also a doctor. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. i'm curious to hear your take because you hold two distinct jobs. what a critical conversation we are having right now. where do you fall on the vaccine debate? >> i believe that all children should be vaccinated.
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we are talking about measles and mumps annabella, the shots of the kids did at age 12 months to 15 months and the second vaccination between ages four years old and next years old. i think it's critical because measles is a terrible disease and we know that last year across the world over 140,000 people died of it in the vaccine can prevent it. kennedy: what about parents would say, wait a second. i get to choose what i put in my child's body. do you think parents should be forced to give their kids the vaccines? >> if parents came to me for a second opinion, my second opinion is the same as the first opinion that children should be vaccinated. >> i believe that as a doctor that the best thing is for all children to be vaccinated. kennedy: should there be a law that requires them to vaccinate them? >> we have dealt with that in the state of wyoming where if the child wants to go to school
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in the public schools, they have to be vaccinated. kennedy: let's talk about the budget that was floated yesterday. it seems like it will be dead on arrival in congress. anything in there that you like to enact. >> we are working our way through it. it is a long document and to me it is dead on arrival and also data on arrival. it seemed to me like a liberal wishlist masquerading as a budget. the president wants to spend $4 trillion. people don't feel like they're getting good value for their money now with the taxpayer dollars, taking a look at this budget is the same situation after reading it. kennedy: he doesn't handle entitlements, but he does give a 4.5% increase in military spending.
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and also a big infrastructure boost. and this bipartisan spending will get out of control. how do we control that amax. >> basically we start with a republican house and senate and my colleague from wyoming is the chairman of the budget committee in the president's budget never balances, we are going to start over and look at responsible budgeting. when it comes to growing an economy, it can either create opportunity or can crush opportunity. a lot of it has to do with mandates and taxes. the taxes of the president puts forth are very heavy-handed and excessive and will hurt our economy. we know that growth is very slow in this country and i believe it is because the role that government has been playing, that has made things worse. kennedy: i agree with you. i think some of the corporate taxes he is pushing is just going to send a handwritten note inviting corporations to take their money elsewhere regardless
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if he is going to tinker with the territorial tax system. >> we need tax reform process country, we know we need to assemble by the tax system. but i think you're right, people are going to take their money and seek opportunity elsewhere. and that is continuing to get worse under this president. kennedy: you might have some objections about the house repealing the aca. what would you do if you were president with obamacare? >> you know, as a doctor and someone who has worked great closely with patients on i think the president health care law is not really helping our country. what we have ian, and the president met today with 10 people who will enter his but said that it helped them, for every person a that says that they were helped by the health care law, we know that there are more that have been harmed by the health care law. the president is only listening to them. >> there are not stadiums enough
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to fill all the people who have been negatively affected. i really want to thank you for taking the time. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: coming up next, grappling with a couple of friends about whether the government should be able to force vaccinations. it's a hot issue and coming up next, the details about the latest atrocity by isis who just burned a hostage alive. stay with us for that. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day.
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kennedy: welcome back. jordan has confirmed the death of this pilot that was captured in december. his plane was shot down over syria i and they burn the man alive after dousing him with some kind of chemical. the horrific footage is being confirmed for its authenticity. michael joins us now, editor and chief of the interpreter. this video is so terrific that they are honestly trying to shock us. the beheading work -- it did wot seems like. >> what i mean is that the group
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was actually founded in 2004 when it was known as al qaeda in iraq. he was a jordanian national that had been arrested by the jordanian government and locked in jail, let go in 1994 as part of a general amnesty coinciding with the current monarch in jordan, the jordanians have known this organization for decades. even prior to this. kennedy: so how come we didn't know? >> we did. when we killed him in 2006, that was an operation that they played a key role in. they know him better than they know themselves. and so even when he was in iraq, he wanted to overthrow the monarchy in jordan, one of the first attacks his organization before it became al qaeda in iraq, waged in baghdad. it hit the u.n. building and
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also the embassy of jordan. this is a long running beef and grievance. kennedy: jordan is enemy number two. it's a muslim nation, but they have partnered with the evil west and now isis wants their revenge. what has this done to jordan as far as galvanizing support in the coalition amax. >> so far, this has been 12 hours, you are seeing widespread support for the government or condemnation, enemy number one is isis. i concern is long term. and i would say that the burning to waste a month ago, this is not new. kennedy: the video is so well produced that takes time. >> what does this mean? on social media there were guys tweeted, at the de facto headquarters in eastern serious. isis burnt a captive alive, that was on january 8, the burning
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was set to take place before that, that means that in the entire month, they lost the city, they had this video. they engaged in these pantomime negotiations with jordan not just about the fate of the pilot but also the state of japanese hostages and they have this video and they knew he was dead. i suspected strongly that he had been killed. in their propaganda magazine came out a month ago, they conducted an interrogation with them instead you know what happens to next and he said yes, i'm going to get killed. they would not have done that unless they intended to murder him shortly thereafter. jordan of all the arab countries part of this coalition is most sympathetic to the obama administration schools. kennedy: my question, it's one thing to be it's one thing to be in line with one another but to share the same objective. >> they are founded on -- most
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of these countries have seen a lot of logic. they are very reluctant and they don't see the strategy working. they think that you need to address core issues in syria map, out of which grew this national terrorist group. how did that happen when you have the sheer lack saying that i am the counterterrorism in chief. kennedy: how do the jordanians feel about the free syrian army? >> they have been coordinating with them while this is taking place. you look at northern syria and it is a mass. the regime is sort of squeezing the moderate rebels, the ones that we have normally talked about, they are losing ground, but the province leading up to sort of this of damascus. so israel and jordan. even the israelis, it must be said, have begun coordinating
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with the syrian rebels, sharing intelligence with them, essentially if you keep the jihad is a way, we will give you some weapons, ak-47s weapons and others. kennedy: i will never understand the middle east. >> it's alice in wonderland. >> it doesn't make any sense. i don't know who our friends are. i have lost faith. my worry is that we are going to lose american lives and not have anything to show for it in the end. >> pico wrote this book on isis, i interviewed about a dozen u.s. military officials and military intelligence and every one of them said before long we will have boots on the ground. kennedy: i think that they will be absolutely right. i think that that can have horrible critical outcomes. michael, thank you so much. coming up next, the british voted to approve three parent
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♪ ...anytime, anywhere. ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. kennedy: what is up, how are you? thank you for being here. anti-vaccers have a likelihood of being the next jenny mccarthy. but i think that some need to be stronger than the government, parents should have the right. i don't agree with them, but they should have the right to opt out of vaccines. there's a lot of things that i don't agree with.
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does that make me crazy a map or am i just crazy because i was vaccinated as a child and i'm perfectly sane? i'm joined by two of my friends who happen to be of the liberal persuasion and they say the government should force parents to vaccinate their children. so all right, two of my favorites. here is richard heller, host of the richard heller show. handing it over to you guys. we agree that people should be vaccinated. where we disagree, i don't think the president should tell you what to put in your body regardless of what it is, we can run on the list if we need to do much talk about vaccines. >> thank you for having me. sometimes you need a big brother. >> if people bring their kids to the public school or the disney world or other places, all of
10:25 pm
the other kids are sort of screwed. you decided that your moral imperative is above the and now you screwed all over the other kids. so i think it's why you need the government to say we have a level standard. kennedy: some kids don't accept that. some parents don't accept that. they don't accept that the data has failed, they don't think that the government should tell them what to put in their kids bodies. i agree with them. i will fight for freedom to the death. >> and so okay, if they want to homeschool their kids and make sure that their kids don't have any social life, that's fine. but that's not necessarily true with homeschool. >> that is the additional responsibility of the these parents have.
10:26 pm
for philosophical reasons, religious reasons, they just push this hard enough, there's a lot of leeway there, but the measles is back. are we really now talking about this? >> i wish they would. >> e. coli is also deadly and you can get that from not washing your hands as well and does that mean that the government should stand over your shoulder? this is something that i disagree with a lot of parents about is what they feed their kids, their parents across this great nation who feed their kids to read those and mountain dew and set them up for a lifetime of diabetes and heart disease. and those kids are going to die sooner, spend spent more time in health care systems and cost you a lot more money. should the government be responsible for what you put in your body from an early age amax. >> it depends on who you ask.
10:27 pm
>> i'm not sure that the government should go as far to regulate what the kids eat. if your kids are eating on free or reduced lunch, then you are open to that. but i think that with greater rights come greater responsibility. so don't bring your kid to disney world and that is how you spread the disease with the populations of kids. >> this is the entire community and we are now a global community when you look at tetanus and diphtheria used to be the highest ranking ways that people died in this country, we have eradicated this and then you have a few people out there who in the name of freedom and individual rights thinks that it's okay to threaten not just their child's life of my life were my nieces live.
10:28 pm
kennedy: these are people and places that historically support democratic causes. >> they are definitely wrong. kennedy: i think they are wrong across the board. that's where my sympathies sort of fail, but i don't think the government, i don't think that the federal government should have a blanket mandate of what you put into your kids bodies and i agree with the judge that if for some reason your child is infected by another child whose parents knowingly put them into this, there is legal and financial accountability. so thank you very much for being here. you can tell me i'm crazy anytime. [laughter] kennedy: coming up, the love dare not speak its name. and the president of venezuela accusing geopolitical mastermind joe biden of implementing a two. and what is happening with fidel castro? we have your topical storm
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coming up next. ♪ music ...the getaway vehicle!
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kennedy: sometimes you have to slip in from the cold and slip on something more comfortable. and i hope you brought your bikini. get ready to bask in the topical storm. this man probably had a muscle car in the 70s and he also had a job where he met one of his great loves. her name was dolly and theirs was a forbidden love unlike anything that either had experienced. take a look. >> my name is malcolm and this is how i fell in love with dolly the dolphin. >> he is so in love with thad altman. you heard me right he is so in love with that dull thing..
10:33 pm
we. >> so we are going to call this dolphin shades of gray. >> ♪ >> he plans himself on the small of my back. and he places his blowhole on my naked behind. joking around and around with his slipper and then he hits me hard where i want it. with a dead fish. ♪ ♪. topic number two. who knew that joe biden was an international mastermind capable of bringing an entire in entire south american country to its
10:34 pm
knees? he ran into venezuelan president and hands were shaken, pleasantries weren't exchanged. and somehow joe biden took him to his foundation. his top politician had become convinced that joe biden single-handedly plotted to overthrow him and started this during the last month privy and energy summit where he said he became michael corleone where he announced his days were numbered. he is quoted as saying that what he did has no name. he continues in a personal exhortation, look me in the eyes, i saw you in brazil and you said this is a new era in a country. [inaudible] okay, weirdo, here is a tip.
10:35 pm
quit stalking me. topic number three. rumors have been swirling for years that fidel castro is either sick or extremely sleepy or dead. in order to squash the talk, they have proof that fidel castro is alive and well and having a lively chat with a university student leader and to win out with each other to have fun in the sun. take a look at the meeting. >> you are an animal. two doesn't anyone realize that he's dead? >> they are having so much fun, we better normalize relations so we can party with that guy. first round is on me. topic number four. i know you wanted a happy ending for charles manson as he walks
10:36 pm
on his slow march to hell, the convicted murderer was supposed to marry his soulmate. but they have just about let their marriage license lapse. the license is only good until thursday and prison weddings, as we know, happen on weekends just like non-prison weddings very apparently when she realized she was about to marry an 80-year-old brutal murder with a swastika carved in its warhead, she was right that that is really gross. , even for me that is just nasty. so if you have any weird stories, you can always send me a tweet. i am here are day and night and you can find me on instagram as well and see the delightful photos that i posed every single day. coming up, science can make a baby from three genetic contributors. but is society ready for three parent babies?
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and the details on this rap artists day in court next. ounds. ounds. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. kennedy: no, suge knight did not have a gun. the former rap rap mogul is on trial for murder, and attempted murder, after running over to men resulting in severe injuries or the survivor if he is convicted, he will face life in prison. he sounded death row records in 1991, but he won't be onto row. he signed artists like to pop shakoor and snoop dogg.
10:41 pm
so here we go we have harvey with us. >> hello, we did not know that, did we? >> no, i have totally jumped the gun. i am lacking objectivity. what is going on with me. >> i have two initials and a name, oj simpson. >> is oj defending him? because that would be fantastic. >> they could find a jury saying straight out of compton. >> let me just say here is the argument. and we know this because the people are telling us this. he is saying that he is in bad health. he was shot six times in the summer, almost died of a blood clotting issue in a nevada jail, he was attacked by two to four men and he tried to get the heck out of dodge and when he did that, he got two people in a panic and drove away never intending to do that.
10:42 pm
that is his argument. we will see if it sticks or not, but the d.a. doesn't believe it. we know that the d.a. has videotape and they say that it is incriminating and they have charged him with attempted murder hit and run, he pled not guilty today. then we found out what happened when he left the courtroom, he went to the hospital because he had some kind of a panic attack. kennedy: i would as well if i was potentially facing murder charges that could land me in the big house for a long time. he is no stranger to prison. he has made life difficult for himself. he was there when tupac was shot, he knows who shot him, i'm guessing. will the prosecutor offered him leniency for that information? >> oh, gosh, i don't know. i think that this case stands on its own. and so there is no way -- there's just i mean, it's
10:43 pm
inconceivable that they would cut a deal based on to tupac. kennedy: i know do you remember this footage, does it look similar to that? is it hard to gauge the mad because he said that he didn't know that he hit the guy. >> we have not seen the footage, i know that the county sheriff's department got it. i know that they said that we got lucky. they think it is incriminating. it does not show the entire incident but part of it. so they are in possession of it and they believe that it's going to be very important evidence. but the problem would be with the video, i think, without having seen it, is going to be do you have the jump into the head of suge knight to know his state of mind. was he in fear of his life. i don't know that the video will show that. kennedy: they certainly don't trust him. they revoked his bail, they think that he is a risk. you will be curious, and i will
10:44 pm
be curious to see what kind of a jury they are going to assemble. so i will ask you how you do your job. whether people like it or not, when you have a childlike whitney houston's daughter, the people just call you? to the offer you information offering their professional lives making sure that the info gets on your website enact. >> i'm always amazed by the western. ultimately the basic job, whenever you are covering news is to get sources. the fact that people are mystified by that is astonishing to me. kennedy: i think that you have more sources that come to you and people offer themselves at the altar of tmz. i know that you have great people that work for you and i know some of them. >> yes, we do have people coming to us. but think about this case. bobbi brown, whitney houston,
10:45 pm
bobbi kristina, we have been covering them. if you do your job right, you develop sources along the way. if you think about it with whitney houston dine, with their marriage, divorce, things that happen with bobbi kristina, these are things that we have covered and we develop sources and ultimately from time to time you contact those people or they contact you when things happen. but it's a basic tenet of what you do in a job like this. >> thank you for joining me and hopefully you will come back as warranted. coming up after this, and he joins us to talk about genetics and our future as britain passes legislation to authorize three parent babies coming up next.
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♪ ♪ of. kennedy: okay, welcome back. scientists in britain have discovered trace amounts of genetic material from a third-party into a human egg or embryo, the procedure can be used to prevent mitochondrial diseases like muster muscular dystrophy. the results could be a child that has genetic material from three parent amidst concerns of designer babies and unforeseen consequences. the house of commons has overwhelmingly passed the legislation to authorize the procedure. so should they be doing this in the united states? i will be asking a couple of smart guys here. as well as guy benson who is with us. political editor of
10:50 pm interesting ramifications and i love the ethical debates like this and technology. is anything about this creepy to you guys? >> yes, i would say so. i have some overall qualified support or this procedure with trepidation. kennedy: what are the qualifications are met. >> i am not a scientist to be greater, but i read about it today and there are two procedures here, one involves altering the egg and one involves altering the embryo. and i think i'm more comfortable with the former than the latter. and the second column or piece of trepidation is i understand they are doing this for serious diseases or predisposition to certain things, but i think the you have to press that type.
10:51 pm
>> it's almost like pandora's box, i'm waiting for when you just lift the lid off that when people are no longer having body congress with one another, they are just doing it in a laboratory. >> as a scientist i have a degree in political science. and i don't want to be that guy, but this is an three parent babies and a sense of a lot of people seem to be thinking. there was a genetic emphasis to describe it as a 2.01 parent babies. kennedy: >> what they are doing is using mitochondrial dna, not to be confused with the donnas album. it has nothing to do with what we think of when we think of dna and it doesn't determine eyecolor order haircolor, or even a race of great players.
10:52 pm
so a better chance of having a baby that doesn't have a mitochondrial disease. i'm going to say that there's nothing wrong with that. it's new technology and its risky and they have to keep their eye on and it has to be looked at. kennedy: it is one of the strongest emotional forces known to humanity and i totally understand and it will then be passed on for generations. >> if you could spare the child that life experience, the way i had it explained that made me a least comfortable on a certain level with this concept is it's not like having some other part of the dna, it's completely unprecedented.
10:53 pm
>> so i think you have to be careful about how you allow it. >> i agree, that is why the debate must continue. with scientists and others and genetic modifiers. >> i'm glad you said that because i was thinking what would it look like. [inaudible] >> what a lovely old lady. [laughter] >> she will come out having knit something for you.
10:54 pm
>> that is a stretch. and it would've been a stretch to think of him as a viable candidate just a few months ago. but the guy has surged and that poll, he was ahead in the iowa poll. >> what i make of it is very 2015, so we are a year away. but it is the unstoppable, that should be the question on everyone's minds. i think people that didn't see him as a viable presidential candidate were folks who are paying far too much attention to early polling and who didn't understand the mindset of a lot of republicans. scott walker based on his body of work over the last four years, if he chooses to run, i think by any well at this point and by definition he will be a very serious contenders. >> what about for the limited government folks? we don't know a lot of the bad
10:55 pm
things. >> i'm guessing we will learn him. >> there's a good chance. the only thing that can stop them is very important iowa straw poll. it really is incredible. >> i don't want to get you started on the electoral college. >> don't do that. what a piece of garbage. kennedy: you and i can go raise her baby, thank you so much. yourar ins shrink happening in minutes. before i switched and saved hundreds with the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. i had done a lot of comparison shopping. the rate was like half of what i was paying. $404 is the average amount folks save when they switch to the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford.
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that's what i'd like to do.
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tbut at t. rowe price,et is never clear. we can help guide your retirement savings. our experience is one reason 100% of our retirement funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so wherever your long-term goals take you, we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. kennedy: sometimes certain people just get you. i don't know what it is about the resident psychiatrist dr. keith ablow, but we always seem to clash no matter what we are discussing. today we shared space on the
10:59 pm
"outnumbered" couch and. >> i knew that there would be fireworks here. [inaudible] >> [inaudible] >> oh, my goodness. kennedy: he has to come on this show so we can analyze each other in a friendly setting and i secretly inc. that he is a total crush. bring some chocolate.
11:00 pm
it's almost valentine's day. okay, thank you so much, for watching a show tonight. follow me on twitter at kennedy nation. that is my handle on facebook and instagram as well. i will see you tomorrow night. thank you . in orlando. . lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the islamic state trying to prove that it's bolder and more brutal than ever despite a six month war with the united states and coalition nations. the radical islamist terrorists today releasing one of the most violent execution videos that shows a jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage. the barbaric act provoked demonstrations and jordan is now vowing to avenge the pilot's death with a, quote, earth-shattering response, one will include the


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